Monday, September 5, 2011

The Hope of Heaven

Psalm 19:1-
"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands."

I know not what the future holds, but I know who holds the future...

We all hope Heaven is real. The believers know there is a Heaven. You see- Jesus Christ wrote a book- The bible. In his book, he states there is a Heaven. A Heaven filled with believers- Modest believers who live fully to love the Lord. They live only to love the Lord.

Hell is filled with non-believers, and devil worshipers. They live fully to destroy our lives, and fill us with sin and rage. They believe God didn't want them in Heaven. That he simply sent them to Hell to rot, so he wouldn't see them in Heaven.

Well that's not true...

God wants ALL of us in Heaven. He wants to know ALL of us, and get close to us. Sending them to Hell doesn't mean he hates them. It means they gave into the devil, and truly didn't believe in God.

Heaven is a wonderful place as described by God. When you die, you pass over to be in God's home, where you belong. It shouldn't be something scary for you to think about- death. It should be joyous. You should be excited to go to Heaven and be with God. But you can't think that by reading the bible, going to church, singing worship songs, being a Christian, or being baptized will get you into Heaven. God never said that. He said you need to have a relationship with him. He said you need to know him in your heart. He even said if you never know him, and expect to go to Heaven, he'll say "I never knew you...". GOD has to know you. God has to have a relationship, an experience, a very clear memory of you- to except you into Heaven. You wouldn't let a stranger in your home, would you?

God is the reason your alive. He's seen every single one of you, and wants YOU in his home- in Heaven. But he can't accept you, until you accept him.

Believe in Heaven. Just know that there is one, and behave like you would- like you should, to be with God.

I'd really like you guys to watch this. Teenagers especially should watch it- as they will be dealing with this later in life. It amazes me every time I watch it. (Best with sound.)

Verse- Romans 1:19-20
Julie (Stay Strong for God!)

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