Friday, September 2, 2011

Your Special Gift

That song truly moves me. It shows you everything satan is willing to do to you to make you his. He's hiding the truth, and we need to look past all of those things "the other people" are doing, and focus on our relationship with God. 

Do you think you suck at everything? You can't draw well? Or sing?

Well the truth is- You have a gift.
God has promised us all a gift. Whether it be drawing, singing, sewing, or sports- We are all great at something. Jesus said we would all do things greater than he has... Can you imagine how hard that would be?! He died for us! But he knew we would all do something great for him in return- Spread his word. By teaching his word, you are showing your appreciation, and saving other's lives. That's why Jesus died for you.

Are you going to do something with that gift God has blessed you with?
Because you should. Even if it's too embarrassing to go out in public and preform your gift. I'll tell you mine- Preaching. I LOVE to preach God's word to others. It fulfills, and saves their lives.

Truly, truly, I say to you, he who
hears My word, and believes Him
who sent Me, has eternal life, and
does not come into judgment, but
has passed out of death into life.
John 5:24

Now that you know about your amazing gift, and all God has blessed you with- Do you choose Life? Because ONLY if you choose life can I help you. ONLY if you choose God can I help you understand what he has done for you. If you choose to sin- if you choose satan, I assure you- nothing I can ever say will effect you. You have to love Jesus with all your heart, and hunger for him the way he is for you. Only then will everything make sense.

Verse- Matthew 5:8
Julie (Stay Strong for God!)